Wangkho, Sherab Nyima and Tsewang Dhundup at Sherabling Monastery, India
Wangkho, Sherab Nyima and Tsering Dhondup at Sherabling Monastery, India

The Traditional Tibetan Ocean Massage Center's mission is to share the healing arts of Tibet with the intention of helping preserve the culture and people of Tibet.

We can offer our customers Tibetan Massage, Reflexology, Tibetan Massage Courses, Tibetan Astrology and more! Please take a look at the "contacts" page for a complete listing of all of our centers & services.

Please come and experience the healing arts of our deep culture!

We are proud to announce that the Tibetan Ocean Massage Center is alive & well on 4 continents!

USA: Breckenridge, Colorado
United Kingdom: London
India: Dharamsala, HP & Arambol, Goa
Australia: Wooloware, NSW

On Permanent Display in Breckenridge, Colorado:

The Tibetan Ocean Massage Center is permanently displaying photos of Tibet by Timothy Faust. All photos are for sale and 10% of sales will go to the Tibetan Children's Village. Please come by the studio to check them out! At the opening of the exhibit on January 27, 2011, we raised over $300 for the Tibetan Children's Village. It is a good start and our hope is to raise more through photo sales.